The meaning of life is one of the most fundamental philosophical problems. Long neglected, it has lately been “rediscovered” by philosophers from the analytic tradition.  According to Thaddeus Metz “Two decades ago, analytic reflection on life’s meaning was described as a “backwater” compared to that on well-being or good character […].” Today, it is no longer true as the volume of literature on the subject has dramatically increased. 

This surge of interest in the field of the meaning of life has generated significant growth in ways of understanding this old question. This broad catalog of approaches to the issue and divergent definitions of terms relevant to the discourse have become a problem of their own. Most importantly, how should we understand the very question of the meaning of life? 

Our conference aims to explore the topic of the meaning of life on two levels:

  • What are the necessary conditions of a reasonable theory/concept of the meaning of life?
  • What is (the) meaning of life?

Our keynote speakers: 
Mirela Oliva
John Cottingham
Tim Mawson
James Tartaglia

Details of the conference

The conference will last two days. In the mornings there will be plenary sessions with lectures of keynote speakers (each lecture 1ha 30 min. including discussion). In the afternoons there will be sessions in groups (each presentation about 30 min. including discussion). Please check our website of conference.


Conference registration fee: 100 euro or 450 zł.


• Conference materials

• Coffee, tea, water, and biscuits (coffee break)

• Lunches (16 -17.06.2023)  

Conference dinner (optional) 35 euro or 150 zł